Platinum's Mission — Meaningful Capitalism — Discussed in Radio Interview

Platinum Founder Dean Bachelor was interviewed recently on KTIS-AM 900's "God's Work in Progress" program about Platinum's mission — Meaningful Capitalism. The interview covered how Dean and his colleagues at Platinum Group are guided by this mission in their work, especially in tough turnaround situations.

According to radio show host, Jeff Pelletier, "Some people have come to see capitalism as distorted… (however) God gives us the ability to produce wealth. Capitalism, which is the production of wealth, is good but what we do with that wealth is God's primary concern because wealth is stored power — and what we do with power matters a great deal to God."

Dean discussed his early career, lessons learned and early faith journey during the interview. He then explained how Meaningful Capitalism came to be Platinum's mission: "Platinum clients come to us asking for help. It may be a health issue, the loss of a major customer, a problem with their bank, or a serious cash flow concern. I had the realization that helping our clients in their time of need provides a meaningful way for us to be of real service to them, their employees and even the community. We care about our clients …and often end up being a friend who can empathize and put ourselves in their shoes – helping them sleep at night."

Listen to the radio interview and hear Dean share stories about how Meaningful Capitalism is making a difference in people's lives.


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