Gearing Up a High-Tech Approach to Re-Energize a Sales Process

How Irish Titan created a dynamic iPad sales solution.


Darin Lynch, Irish Titan’s CEO, has a client offering a leading brand of upscale sportswear and ready-to-wear casual apparel that features custom designs, laser appliqués, embroideries, digital prints, and screen-printed artwork. A privately held, family business since 1963, the client’s company was looking to re-energize its sales approach. Based primarily upon a network of independent sales reps that lugged around three different, three-inch thick binders, an opportunity was apparent in re-energizing the interaction between sales reps and their customers. The owner decided it was time to invest in new technology to support his national sales team, and turned to Irish Titan, his long-time eCommerce and web development firm. Through joint and cooperative discussions, an iPad sales solution was identified.


  • The company’s sales materials had traditionally been housed in three-ring binders, which were unwieldy to carry, clumsy during presentations, and difficult to update and distribute from headquarters.
  • A new iPad application (app) would have to be created to allow the client’s sales reps to present custom and proprietary styles and designs to prospects in an interactive fashion.
  • Budget needed to be managed due to the initial investment of 25 iPads for the sales force.


After defining the current sales process, Irish Titan undertook the first phase of an ongoing effort, defining project scope to ensure a cost-effective, initial launch. The eCommerce and web development firm also became a certified Apple iPad app developer in order to create a custom and private app for a more visually based, dynamic user experience.

Phase I allowed prospects to build their own apparel by seeing designs on specific styles of clothing, and allowing sales reps to save orders that were then transmitted to the home office for processing. Phase II expanded the user experience to allow prospects to see multiple combinations of designs, styles and colors. Phase III is currently being defined.


The initial two phases were completed on budget within four months. The more elegant iPad presentation quickly impressed sales reps and prospects alike. This sales approach was a big step forward that differentiated the client among its competitors by offering a totally different, user friendly purchasing experience. Sales growth and cost savings are expected after completion of Phase III.



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