Merger Creates A-Team for Family Owned Businesses

— Business advisory and family relationship skills combine to help meet challenges of families working together —

MINNEAPOLIS (September 15, 2016) — Hubler for Business Families and Platinum Group are merging to meet the unique challenges of family owned businesses.  The merger brings together Hubler’s family relationship management skills with Platinum Group’s business management skills to create an A-Team of advisors for achieving the vision of success and legacy desired by family business owners.

“It takes a multi-disciplinary team of skills — emotional, business, legal and financial — to guide today’s family businesses and transition ownership to the next generation,” says Tom Hubler, a nationally recognized expert on family business challenges.  “This new A-Team has worked with hundreds of family businesses to enable them to be driven by their values and vision rather than the often, conflicting overlap of family relationships and business systems.”

The newly merged consulting services include: succession planning, conflict resolution, management and board development, leadership transitions, family communication plans, strategic business planning, and identification of formal education resources to family businesses and their trusted advisors. 

In addition to Platinum’s team of business advisors, the newly merged family business expertise includes:

  • Tom Hubler, known as the “dean” of family businesses, has a background in family therapy. He founded the annual Minnesota Family Business Awards in 2008.  He taught Family Business Management at the University of St. Thomas for 10 years. 
  • Steve Coleman is founder of Platinum Group’s monthly Transition Breakfast Forum where business owners, many of whom lead family businesses, discuss the process of exiting their businesses. He co-authored the book “Find What’s NEXT For You: Business Owners Share Their Transition Stories.”

“Platinum Group brings to the merger a wealth of business management and transition skills that are required by family and non-family businesses alike, such as operational improvement, financial restructuring, re-financing, banking and transactions,” says Coleman.  In addition to the newly merged services, Platinum continues its advisory, transition and turnaround services for privately held companies.

Since 1981, Hubler for Business Families ( has helped family businesses manage the boundaries between their business concerns and family relationships.  This work includes understanding how normal business differences erode family relationships and how normal family issues and family politics upset the business.  As a result, the Hubler process is able to create successful businesses and harmonious families.

Founded in 1982, Platinum Group ( is a management consulting firm that has served more than 1,000 clients in the areas of turnaround, advisory and transition management while helping business owners restore, enhance and realize the value of their businesses. Platinum’s team of seasoned business consultants is comprised of individuals who are former entrepreneurs, business managers, bankers, attorneys, CPAs and private equity fund managers.


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