When justice eclipses forgiveness in a family business

It's not an uncommon event for family members in family businesses to sue each other. Yet the outcome will test each person’s choice between justice and forgiveness, and the family and its business will, most likely, never be the same.

Forgiveness is born in love and grown in the soil of maturity. When you find people who can’t forgive in business (or in life), it demonstrates that their hurt is so deep that it has driven their love for the offender away. Revenge is the natural outcome for those who can’t forgive.

Consider these scenarios in which family members sued each other for various reasons:

In Newton, Pennsylvania, Nina Kaplan was successfully sued by her father and is now required to pay $2.13 million because of poor business results and suspicions about embezzlement. Her business was forced to close. A sign on the door read, in part, “My own father suing me. There are no words for this.”

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