Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart

I enjoy working with business owners to identify and achieve their goals for themselves and their businesses.

As an attorney, CPA, business manager and entrepreneur, Bob is a highly experienced and multi-faceted professional. His breadth and depth of knowledge spans a number of industries, including professional and financial services, risk management, electronics and agribusiness. Bob has extensive experience in international business, negotiating complex business transactions, turnarounds and mentoring business leaders. As a Platinum partner he has enjoyed filling many roles, including as interim manager, corporate oversight, general counsel, consulting advisor and transaction specialist.

Outside of work, Bob enjoys spending time with his wife and three children and all kinds of sports.

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How to sustain business value during changes

When a company is floundering or succession is an issue, tough decisions are multiplied if there's more than one owner. Challenges are compounded in family-owned businesses. There are no "one size fits all" solutions for overcoming ownership obstacles. Yet there are lessons to be learned from common obstacles that illustrate how equity structures and agreements can benefit or impede the business and its owners.

Ways to Move Along Your Family Business to Generation Next

HAVING FLASHBACKS about your son, daughter or other family members that are impairing your ability to move forward with a succession plan?

"Junior" may be 40 years old but "Senior" remembers the dopey thing he did at age 14; he’s been working in the family business for years with little passion for taking it over. Meanwhile, "Junior’s" sister is holding down a responsible financial analyst position in a Fortune 500 company and wants to own a business — but not the one her dad and uncle started 50 years ago.


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