Greg Olson

Greg Olson

Greg Olson

A financial crisis – especially one involving real estate – is not something most business owners have experienced. As a former banker, I’ve been through these ordeals many times with borrowers over the years, and can understand how distracting and emotional they can be for owners. I look to restore a rational thought process by educating clients on what tools and alternative courses of action are available to them in these situations.

Greg has a unique skill set that combines his expertise as a licensed real estate broker with 25 years of experience as a commercial lender. He knows which banks would be the best fit for each type of property or project, which saves clients time. Greg can provide access to in-depth, real-time information on transactions across a spectrum of commercial properties, which helps clients anticipate property worth and optimal time frame for marketing property.

In workout and turnaround situations, Greg has “hands on” negotiation experience working with borrowers and their legal advisors to consider various options, whether it’s a foreclosure or forbearance situation. Greg also has knowledge of non-bank lenders who can provide financing solutions, when the banks can’t.

Outside of work, Greg volunteers with the Minnesota State Services for the Blind as a reader for recorded books. He’s also an amateur keyboard player.

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