Pat Brennan

Pat Brennan

Pat Brennan

I’m the first call you should make when you have business issues keeping you awake at night. We’ll work together to navigate through negative financial performance and chart a way back to positive cash flow and profitability.

Pat is a seasoned business executive with a strong track record of success working in a diversity of environments, including distribution, manufacturing, service and banking. He leads financial restructurings and excels in rapidly transitioning environments where cash insufficiency is the key issue that must be overcome.

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Running on Empty

Enhanced forecasting can help firms take action before exhausting their cash

Ever feel on the brink of cash flow exhaustion? You know the signs: an abrupt change in the marketplace, a failed ownership transition, mismanagement or simply the failure to make your sales forecast from month to month. The result is the same in each case: running out of cash.

“What can I do to revive my business in this economy?”

Owners are looking for vendor support; vendors are looking for payment.


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