Steve Coleman

Steve Coleman

Steve Coleman

I enjoy helping owners explore a destination for transition into a next stage of life, and then map out a pathway there. So many of them want to step down, but not stop making a contribution. Catalyzing that change is the most satisfying part of this work for me.

Steve offers in-depth experience to clients pursuing strategic growth, new business development, sales planning, and post-merger integration. As more 'Boomers' age, he helps owners with exit strategies, which sometimes includes planning a succession or business sabbatical. He facilitates a monthly Transition Forum for leaders who are wondering "What's next?" Based on these Forums, Steve co-authored a book with Platinum's Jim Gambone - What's NEXT For You: Business Owners Share Their Transition Stories.

Steve enjoys golf, traveling, canoeing and his grandchildren — but not in that order of importance!

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4 key steps for clear family communications during business transitions

Business owners beware: The do-it-yourself approach to business transition has only a 30 percent probability of success, according to research presented in the book, "Preparing Heirs: Five Steps for a Successful Transition of Family Wealth and Values."

That means people and assets are only 30 percent likely to make it into the next generation. What increases that probability of success to a whopping 80 percent? Open communications and a resulting plan on the part of owners who choose to pass the business down rather than sell it.

4 tips for passing your business to the next generation

The reason people blame things on previous generations is that there's only one other choice!—Doug Larson.

For millions of older business owners, the next major event in their lives will be selling or passing on the companies they have founded and grown. In almost every case, that transfer of ownership will be to a different generation.

Business advice for Boomers

There has been a lot of talk in the past several years about what to do regarding Baby Boomers.
Will Social Security be sound, in order to help provide for their retirement? Will health care delivery systems be able to meet the growing demand for services for the elderly? Can we adequately house them?

One area which has received little attention is how to deal with Baby Boomers who want to retire and exit from businesses they own, yet do it so it makes financial and psychological sense.

Two local consultants have just released a book on the matter.

Business owners who delay their exit plans face higher risks

There’s more clarity and freedom when a person can look at the future phase of life by planning ahead. What business owners need now more than ever is a vision for the future of the best paths for both themselves and their businesses.

How to design a business sabbatical

Even before a business owner is actively thinking about transition issues like success and retirement, fatigue and uncertainty can creep in when considering what to do next in life. That's when it can be helpful for the owner to take a sabbatical away from the business to have time and space to truly explore life after work.

Passing on the torch without blowing up the family

Our succession process began without a formal plan. I eventually realized that the do-it-yourself approach had lost traction on both the business and family fronts. Was it too late to create a proactive succession plan?

Recharge! How to Plan Time Away from Your Business


No time schedules. No decision overloads. No multitasking.

Everything was turned off when I took a four-month sabbatical from my job as president and one of four owners of a financial services firm, Askar Corp.

The stress of running a company of 20 employees had left me feeling tired, burned out and in need of time off.

Sabbaticals help ease transition for retiring business owners

After 30 years of working in the family business, Jack MacBean felt it might be time to let his son run the company.


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