Meaningful Capitalism™

Platinum Group has a mission. It is a mission that embodies something very special. A unique mission shared by only members of Platinum Group. A mission of a team of extraordinary individuals who share certain core values. And whose words and actions are guided by and shaped by those core values each and every day. We call this mission "Meaningful CapitalismTM".

Meaningful, because the work we do has significant meaning to the shareholders, investors, boards of directors, officers, employees and stakeholders of every client we serve. Meaningful, because we care about these people. Meaningful, because our special knowledge and decades of experience leading companies through critical transitions has saved thousands of jobs, reversed downward slides of hundreds of companies, prevented corporate and personal bankruptcies, as well as provided a safe haven for people in serious trouble. Meaningful, because when people are in trouble, they need a friend to turn to who can understand the pain they are feeling, the hopelessness they may not be able to share with anyone else, and the frustration of not understanding or knowing what to do to help themselves. We at Platinum understand, empathize and are uniquely capable of stepping into and leading them and their companies through this critical transition in their lives and businesses. This is truly meaningful work.

Capitalism, because it is the engine that provides economic freedom in the United States, the greatest country on earth, a country based on "freedom and liberty for all" through the development and preserving of the free enterprise system. Capitalism, because we understand that other alternatives have failed miserably throughout the world. Capitalism, because although imperfect, still provides the best way for people to hold their heads high with pride in the fruits of their labor, earning a fair wage and contributing to society. Capitalism, because we at Platinum believe each and every person has the opportunity to accomplish their own personal goals without reducing or harming another. Capitalism, because the accumulation of wealth can benefit in a very real way individuals and their communities. Capitalism, because within every human exists the desire to achieve a goal and fulfill his or her purpose. Capitalism, because the advise, leadership and capital we provide may make the difference between success and failure.

Meaningful CapitalismTM. The mission of Platinum Group.


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