The Platinum Toolkit contains informative articles written by experts in the turnaround, consulting and finance industries. These articles provide valuable information about business trends and strategies that are imperative to your important transition. Economic perspectives, technological advancements and e-commerce developments are just a few areas of interest covered in this helpful resource. Choose an article below, and start exploring methods for making your business more effective.

The new book co-authored by Platinum's Steve Coleman and Jim Gambone has been featured in a three-part series on the Business Journal's national how-to strategy web site. The series focuses on key areas of business transition discussed in their book, "Find What's NEXT For You: Business Owners Share Their Transition Stories." Read the articles about:

The book is a collection of personal experiences, tips, best practices, and lessons learned for owners thinking about selling or passing on businesses to the next generation. It's available at and

A guide for Business Owners to plan for an extended leave

This Business Transitions process worksheet can be used by trusted advisors and their clients to track the progress of the transitions.

A five-step process based on Platinum Group’s experiences with owners going through transition, including understanding generational differences and impacts.

In this down economy, many companies are unable to meet their obligations to their lenders and vendors.

As the down economy continues, owners and managers feel frustrated in their attempts to maintain their business.

With the economy starting to recover, many owners are uncertain where to look for new sales opportunities.

Owners are looking for vendor support; vendors are looking for payment.

Many entrepreneurs can be likened to a skipper of a ship—without a navigator.


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