Where We Started

Platinum Group started with the dream of one man — a man who envisioned creating a “think tank” of experienced, smart, empathetic, and collaborative businessmen and women compelled to help others in need; a team of people who believed in open communication and teamwork and who shared a vision of leading companies through critical transitions to save jobs, prevent bankruptcies and provide a safe haven for business owners and managers who need someone to talk to; someone to help them move from point A to point B. That dream is now a reality.

For years, Dean Bachelor and a select team of like-minded leaders have grown the business deliberately and with passion and determination. Through referrals, treating clients’ right and adhering to strong Midwestern values, he has added about one person each year — seasoned advisors who help companies weather the tides of change.

Today Platinum Group is the largest firm of its kinds in the Upper Midwest, with 500 years of combined advisory, turnaround management and capital formation and structuring experience. The company has provided advisory services for more than 1,000 clients, served as president or CEO/CFO/CRO of over 90 companies and guided numerous business owners with thoughtful, reasoned advice and support.

Since its inception, the company has succeeded by putting itself in “the owner’s shoes”. That mindset, along with basing a significant part of compensation on results achieved, underscores the attitude that “we win if the owner wins.”

While Platinum Group has changed and evolved over the years, the mission has not. Today - just as in the beginning - the mission serves as a beacon of light; guiding the daily efforts of our team as we strive to practice "Meaningful Capitalism“ - leading companies through critical transitions while doing it with grace, compassion and understanding.


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